This is nwmbmf beta version, we where going for a easy to use and user friendly site. Many clients have said they don't know how to deposit and or how to place an order. Nwmbmf.com 2.0 was made just for those clients hope you love it and feel free to contact us on whatsapp +1610-400-9134.

How TO Place AN Order

First take a look at the picture above all we need is the link, to what you want to send (like,views,follow and more)to. Next in your add your link box put your link right in there, and place your order

If your still confused you can use our get link which help you get your link works for instagram only since its beta.

How Get Link Work

  • Click on the button

  • Type your instagram username and click search

  • Scroll down and you will see the latest picture

  • click on the picture to get the link

  • it automatically add the link and you can place order

How Proxy Work

  • Login to the your account right over (not yet added)

  • find the post you want to send our servies to

  • Click Copy link right below the firm

  • it will automatically add the link and you can place your order

  • 5-

    The Proxy services is offline